TMNT Mutant Mayhem Ninja Kick Cycle and Battle Cycle Review

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Editor's Review

Out of box, these cycles need no assembly, they’re ready to be played with immediately! The molding on these is lovely. Mechanical detail covers every inch of the bikes, and both also have that jagged, slightly grungy Mutant Mayhem aesthetic to them which looks super cool. The paintwork is also cleanly applied and almost indistinguishable from the molded color sections of the toys. 


The Ninja Kick Cycle includes a special helmeted Leonardo figure, two firing discs, and Leo’s two katana. Leo has all the articulation necessary to easily sit on the cycle while gripping the handlebars. Now, you could have him ride in a normal pose, but you’d be missing out on the key feature. Lift his legs up into a splits formation, and twist the pizza insignia on the back to twist Leo into the air for some flashy kicks. Turning the slice back and forth will make Leo kick to and fro, and centering it will bring him back down into the seat on his own. This feature is awesome! Go from kicking to riding seamlessly! Load a disc and push the front slice forward to launch it a modest distance. There’s also weapon storage for only one katana, which is peculiar, but thankfully Leo can store the other one on his back.


The Battle Cycle comes with a helmeted Raphael, his two sai, and one telltale nunchaku. Raph’s vehicle is more similar to a moped than a motorcycle, but it features a super cool improvised sidecar that can be situated in the back or to the side. If you have the Mutant Mayhem Turtles figures, sold separately, you can stick one into the sidecar for an even better display! You can put any turtle brother in there but come on, they give you a nunchaku, it’s meant for little Mikey. While Leo’s bike has trouble standing on its own, Raph’s Battle Cycle stands with no effort in either configuration. Also, there’s storage for both sai!

TMNT Ninja Kick Cycle

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Should I get it?

The best part about these optional vehicles is that they include figures to ride them! The paint, sculpt, and play features make both of these well worth picking up.


  • They both come with great looking helmeted Turtle figures.
  • They’re very well detailed in both paint and sculpt.
  • The play features work great.
  • They roll very well.



  • Leo’s Ninja Kick Cycle can’t stand on its own.
  • The discs don’t fire all that fire.

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