Tiny Twinkle Mess-Proof Full Sleeve and Apron Bibs Review

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Editor's Review

It can be a hassle to keep your little one clean while they eat but, with the Tiny Twinkle Mess-Proof Full Sleeve and Apron Bibs, meal time will be a breeze. Both bibs come in 33 different and unique colors. We’re reviewing the Boho Rainbow and Unicorn Confetti ones today. The bibs are made of soft, lightweight, and waterproof polyester that’s 100% recycled plastic. Their large flip pocket towards the bottom catches food and other messes. Their tug-proof, soft, no-scratch hook and loop closure is soft on a baby’s skin and doesn’t get caught in your baby’s hair. Both bibs are PVC, BPA, BPS & PHTHALATE FREE. The material is toxic free and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified. The bibs can be cleaned the same way: wipe it with a cloth or machine wash then hang dry. Both bibs can be used for art projects and are easy to travel with. The mess-proof full sleeve bib covers your baby’s arms while the apron bib is sleeveless. I prefer the full sleeve bib when doing art projects because it covered enough of his clothes where I wouldn’t be worried about a huge mess. I loved how easy they both are to store in Riley’s diaper bag and they’re super easy to wipe up, especially on the go. However, I didn’t like the bib catcher as I felt like it didn’t always hold what fell into it. Also, the full sleeve bib did get stained after Riley ate red pasta sauce in it.

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The long sleeve big is the perfect bib to travel with and to keep around for art project.


  • The bibs are easy to clean
  • The full sleeve bib is perfect for art projects. 


  • The bib catcher doesn’t always hold the food that falls into it.
  • It does get stained easily.

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