Thomas & Friends Storytime Thomas and Walking Bridge Review

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Editor's Review

New Thomas play is chugging into the station with the interactive Storytime Thomas and the motorized Walking Bridge track set.

Storytime Thomas is a large battery-powered Thomas engine with three modes of play. Turn on Thomas and press the Game button to play a game of “Red Light, Green Light”. When Thomas says, “Green signal, go”, push Thomas along on a flat surface until his red light glows and he says, “Red signal, stop.” Push the Story button to hear Thomas tell a story as long as you roll him along. At certain points in the story, Thomas will prompt kids to push either his red or green button to choose what happens next in the story. And if you press the Music button, Thomas will sing as you push him along. If you stop moving him, he’ll only hum the tune. At any time, you can press the red or green buttons for sound effects, songs, and phrases, or just start pushing Thomas along. And as Thomas is moving along, his cheeks glow, his eyes move, and his headlight lights up. If Thomas gets lifted up by his smoke stack handle, all songs, phrases, etc. will stop until he’s placed down again.

The Walking Bridge train set is an exciting set where the motorized Thomas engine rides across the walking bridge when the track is out. This track set comes with 20 pieces to set up in one of three ways, and all configurations utilize the walking bridge feature. As Thomas motors along the track, he’ll come to the walking bridge, stop, and ride it across the gap before continuing on his way. The bridge has four legs that move as if it’s really walking. If you want Thomas to chug underneath the gap, just lift the bridge track. You can also use the switch tracks to change Thomas’ direction. This is also compatible with other Thomas & Friends motorized engines, sold separately.

Thomas & Friends Storytime Thomas and Walking Bridge

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Kids will like interacting with Storytime Thomas, and parents will like that the play with this Thomas is very active. Kids have to be moving along with Thomas in order for the songs and stories to continue. Plus, there are more than 250 story combinations, so kids will get a different play experience each time.

The Walking Bridge track has a cool action feature, and kids will like watching the bridge walk Thomas across the gap. We like that there are different track configurations and the option to send Thomas over or under.

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