The Magical World of Disney Trivia Game Review

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Editor's Review

Just how much do you know about Disney? Put your knowledge to the test with The Magical World of Disney Trivia game. In this game, which you can play with two or more players, you’ve got to collect a Color Swirl of each color and reach the finish line first to win.

You can play the game as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Stitch, Nemo, Simba, EVE, Tiana, or Elsa. All character pawns start at the mouse ears-shaped start spot on the gameboard. Then players take turns spinning the spinner and performing the action spun. If you spin “spin again”, simply spin again. If you spin a number, move your character that many spaces on the board. The color you land on indicates which question you must answer from a question card. Because the game is for ages 6 and up, there is a kid’s deck of question cards and an adult deck. This is to make the game playable and enjoyable for the whole family. If you answer the question correctly, you earn a matching Color Swirl. Then you get to spin again!

If you move along the board and land on a Magic Portal, you get to pick a Point of Interest on the board to visit. Each of these corresponds to the color of a question, so use this opportunity to be strategic and try to earn a Color Swirl that you need. You can also visit a Point of Interest by taking one of the detours on the board.

Some extra rules: you need exact numbers to land on a colored board space and Magic Portal space. However, you don’t need exact numbers to land on a Point of Interest space or the Disney Archway Finish – you just need to have rolled enough to get there. And because the board’s pathway always moves you forward, you might reach the finish space without collecting all five Color Swirls. Take a magic carpet ride back to the nearest Magic Portal space and, on your next turn, spin and move to try and collect the Color Swirls you’re missing.

The game comes with a gameboard, eight character movers and bases, five 3-D points of interest, a Disney Archway Finish, 2,000 trivia questions on 400 cards, 30 Color Swirls, and a spinner.

The Magical World of Disney Trivia Game

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This game is easy to learn how to play and offers a satisfying challenge for Disney fans of all ages. We like that you can play with kid and adult question cards, making this a fun game for the whole family. And with 2,000 trivia questions total, you’re sure to learn something new each time you play. We also like the look of the game, from the sculpted Points of Interest (such as Pizza Planet and the balloon house from Up) to the gold-hued character pawns. These features make this game a nice collectible.


  • Comes with 2,000 trivia questions
  • Kid questions and adult questions
  • Collectible quality
  • Fun trivia challenge


  • None

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