The First Years Gentle Warmth Digital Bottle Warmer Review

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Editor's Review

If you need a better way to heat up baby bottles, The First Years Gentle Warmth Digital Bottle Warmer does the trick. A warm water bath provides even and consistent heating and stays warmer longer than steaming. You can use this with breastmilk, formula, and baby food.

The bottle warmer warms from frozen, refrigerated, or room temperature, and its digital touchscreen is easy to use for quick customization of times and temperatures. The display screen lets you know how long it’s going to take based on the setting and warming option you chose, and when you hear three beeps, that means warming is complete. Can’t get to the bottle right away? This will keep the milk or food warm for up to one hour.

This works with most bottle types and baby food jars.

The First Years Gentle Warmth Digital Bottle Warmer

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At first glance, this bottle warmer is amazing because it does everything from defrosting milk and warming food to sterilizing bottles and pacifiers. We really like how the touchless screen makes it easy to run your finger over the setting you want, even when your hands are also holding a screaming baby.

Even though the warm-up and defrosting times were pretty short, a three-ounce room temperature bottle and a three-ounce cold bottle were only lukewarm. After 16 minutes of defrosting a frozen four-ounce breastmilk bag, the bag was still partially frozen. We also had a problem getting our breastmilk bags (Dr. Brown’s brand) to fit inside this bottle warmer.

In terms of sterilizing, that part takes 30 minutes, and you can only do one bottle, two nipples, or two pacifiers at a time. If your bottles have extra parts inside (as ours did), it’s going to take you even longer to get the one bottle sterilized, and let’s be honest, you’ll go through a lot of bottles in a day.

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