The Batman Wingsuit Action Figure Review

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Editor's Review

Wingsuit Batman is 1/6th scale, just shy of a foot tall to the top of the bat ears. He’s nicely detailed, with mixed satin and glossy black throughout the suit, and bit of paint on the exposed jaw and very piercing blue eyes. The gauntlets, shoulder armor, utility belt, holster, and bat insignia all have great molded detail, and the body suit has engraved lines to suggest plated kevlar armor lining the suit.

The articulation is fairly limited, but standard for a figure of this type. There is articulation in the head, shoulders, elbows, hips and knees. Batman’s cape comes with 4 clips that can be attached to the wrists and shins, completing the wingsuit look. With the clips attached, this figure looks its best. Spread out the arms and take him gliding across town, looking for criminals. The clips inhibit posing possibilities, but they’re designed to easily come off and on, which is nice.

While he does look cool with the clips attached, the effect is lost when they aren’t. The clips can be an eyesore if you want to treat it as a regular cape. It’s also a bit tough to get him to stand in any pose that isn’t straight-legged. However, it is possible with patience.

The Batman Wingsuit Action Figure

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Wingsuit Batman is a decently fun toy for younger Batman fans. Collectors or older kids may find the cape clips and limited articulation vexing.

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