The Batman Turbo Boost Batmobile RC Car Review

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Editor's Review

To start, you’ll need 2 AAA batteries for the remote, which are not included. Also, use the included cable to give the battery inside the Batmobile a good charge before taking it for a ride. The LED will blink when charging, and persistently glow when fully charged. Looks-wise, the Batmobile is awesome! This is an excellent example of the mantra “less is more.” A mixture of matte and gloss finishes break up the predominantly black car body, and translucent parts can be found in the headlights and the afterburner flame. The grill, hubcaps, and thrusters are all very well detailed, as are the treads on the real rubber tires. Controls couldn’t be simpler. Use the left stick to move forward and back, and the right stick to turn. Don’t expect to do any hairpin turns in this car, as it has a moderately wide turn radius.

To access the special feature, find a nice unobstructed straightaway, and press the trigger button. The Batmobile will ZOOM off and do a wheelie. Wow! Once you see this feature in action, you’ll want to try it out whenever you can; it never gets old! After sustained play, your wheels might get misaligned. If so, simply correct the alignment using the knob underneath.

The Batman Turbo Boost Batmobile RC Car

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This RC is very fun. The boosting mechanism adds a ton of character to the already visually unique toy. Chase down the bad guys anywhere, anytime!

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