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Editor's Review

You know how the internet sometimes asks you to “Tell me without telling me”? Well, now you can take that challenge in party game form with the #TellMeChallenge game. The gameplay is that players must tell each other things without actually telling each other things. There are two ways to play: competitively or cooperatively.

In the cooperative version, you work together to get a predetermined number of correct answers before getting any wrong. But in the competitive version, which is what we’re showing in our video review, players race to get their token from start to finish by correctly guessing and giving clues that are correctly guessed.

To play, everybody puts a token on the #start space, and then the Acting player rolls the dice. The blue Challenge Die tells the Acting player how to tell, either by drawing, with a photo, miming, using three words, player’s choice, or group choice. The red Time Die tells whether the Acting player has 15 seconds or 30 seconds to get the other players to guess. The Acting player then draws a card, says “I’m going to tell you without telling you… GO!” and then starts using whatever method he rolled to get the other players to guess what it is. Example cards include “Tell me you have a mustache without telling me you have a mustache” and “Tell me you’re Elvis without telling me you’re Elvis”. There are also a few cards where you can write your own #tellmechallenge to customize the game.

If a player guesses correctly, they get to move their token forward on the board: one space if the red die showed 30 seconds and two spaces for 15 seconds. The Acting player also gets to move forward one space. If no one guessed correctly, that’s the end of the turn, and a new player becomes the Acting player. Play until someone reaches the #finish space.

The game comes with 200 cards with 400 challenges, eight blank customization cards, a card cover, 12 punchout tokens, two dice, a gameboard, a sketch pad, and instructions. You will need a timer, paper, and a pen or pencil. This game is for three to 12 players ages 12 and up.

#TellMeChallenge Game

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This game is kind of like charades but with a popular social media trend. We like that there are four different ways to “tell without telling” and that the roll of the dice leaves the method and time all up to chance. The game also has 400 challenges across 200 cards for a lot of variety each time you play. And, of course, it’s going to be funny watching someone trying to “tell without telling”, which is always the best part of these types of games.


  • 400 challenges
  • Funny to watch someone “tell without telling”
  • 4 ways to “tell”
  • Roll of the dice leaves method and time to chance


  • No timer, paper, or drawing utensil included

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