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Editor's Review

Last year’s Tamagotchi Pix gave kids the ability to take pictures with their Tamagotchi device. Now the Pix has gotten a celebratory makeover with the Tamagotchi Pix Party. It still has a built-in camera, but it’s also got a new look, new games, and new features for a virtual pet experience.

There are two new shell designs for Pix Party: confetti and balloons. Once kids hatch their Tamagotchi, they feed it, bathe it, and play with it. There are all-new characters to find and raise. As the Tamagotchi goes from baby to child, more play experiences will be unlocked. You can feed your Tamagotchi from the fridge, a restaurant, or take pictures of food to create meals and snacks to cook for your Tamagotchi. Help your Tamagotchi use the toilet, take a bath, or clean his room. You can also collect different items for your Tama to play with. Send your Tama to explore your world and meet new friends; shop at the store for items, accessories, and more using Gotchi Points; play games at the arcade to earn more Gotchi Points; and meet new friends at the park. And, of course, with the Photo option, kids can take pictures that get saved into their device’s photo album. Your Tamagotchi can also use its phone to add captions to photos, order food delivery, shop online, call an ambulance, and hire a babysitter. If your Tamagotchi is sick, make sure to choose the Medicine option so it doesn’t die. (You can always hatch a new character if yours dies.)

But the newest part is the Party area. Kids can have a party either with their friends’ Tamagotchis or with any characters their Tama has met through gameplay. So if your friends don’t have a Tamagotchi Pix or Tamagotchi Pix Party, don’t worry! When it asks you to “connect to invite”, just hit “no” and then pick guests from your Tama’s friends list. From there, your Tamagotchi can cook with its friends, take group pictures, and play three all-new mini games together: BINGO, Gift Game, and DJ Play.

Tamagotchi Pix Party

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We like the interactivity of Tamagotchi and how each version always offers something new. There’s plenty of play simply taking care of your own Tamagotchi, and kids will really like all the different things they can do for and with their virtual pet. This version offers the opportunity to connect more with friends, which turns the virtual pet play into a social event.

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