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Editor's Review

Get ready to explore the worlds of stem, technology, engineering, and math with Surprise Powerz dolls. These 16-inch dolls play more than 75 phrases, sing-a-longs, and sound effects, featuring real girl’s voices. They also feature a diverse lineup so that girls 2 to 5 can see themselves reflected in a doll and be encouraged in math and science. 

There are four dolls to collect. Codie the Coder is dressed up in a tutu, soft headphones, a coding blocks-inspired bookbag, and sneakers. Codie speaks with a real Black girl’s voice and talks about how robots work and plays fun games, such as mazes and puzzles.

Vera the Vet wears a removable lab coat, a pink-and-silver removable stethoscope, and a tiara. She speaks with a Caucasian girl’s voice and talks about her animal adventures on the farm.

Astro the Astronaut rocks purple braids, an orange spacesuit, and a starry jetpack. Astro speaks with a real Black girl’s voice and is full of knowledge about planets, stars, and moons. She helps build STEM vocabulary while inspiring imaginative play for aspiring astronauts.

And Maria the Mathemagician speaks English and Spanish. She speaks with a real bilingual Spanish girl’s voice and encourages kids to name shapes, identify numbers, and count. Her cape is lined with numbers one through nine, and her removable magician’s hat has secret flaps for hiding things. Maria also has a wand to wave to solve math problems.

To make any of the dolls talk, just press their hand. Three AAA batteries are included for that. And don’t throw away the box the dolls come in. Once you remove the doll, take a peek at the mirror on the interior panel, which allows girls to see themselves as a coder, vet, astronaut, or mathemagician.

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These four dolls are so cute and make a wonderful introduction to STEM concepts for toddlers and preschoolers. Kids will have fun listening to the dolls talk, which encourages interaction and imaginative play with each character. 


4 dolls to collect

Dolls are diverse

More than 75 phrases

Interaction and imagination

Introduce STEM concepts to young girls



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