Super Mario Yoshi and Naruto Pillows Review

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Editor's Review

Cuddle up to some of your favorite characters from video games and manga with plush pillows featuring Yoshi and Naruto. Both of these large pillows are around 14 inches and are only of each character’s face. For Yoshi, the pillow is mainly green with some white and orange. There’s some embroidery around the mouth, eyes, and nose. Naruto is a bit more colorful, with yellow for the hair, brown and grey for the headpiece, peach for the skin, and big blue eyes. This one has some embroidery around the headpiece and eyes.

Super Mario Yoshi and Naruto Pillows

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These pillows are very soft and large enough to be used as actual pillows for napping or sleeping. They would also make fun room decor for fans. Kids and adults will like adding these pillows to their beds or toy boxes.

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