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Editor's Review

This Stroller Controller is an extendable handlebar that helps you keep your baby out of harm’s way.

Inspired by a near-accident event between a car and a stroller at a crosswalk, the creator had a moment of realization — the ability to steer from either side or out front would solve a huge everyday frustration parents experience when using a stroller that’s made to be pushed from behind.

Personally, when I’m crossing the street while pushing my baby in his stroller, I worry. Even though I look both ways, I’m literally pushing him into harm’s way first and that sits uncomfortably with me. Especially when there’s a car parked in front of me, blocking my full view.

With this stroller accessory, I’m able to steer the stroller from the front as we cross the street. It has a telescope-like handle with the option to extend, allowing me to direct my stroller from the sides or front.

I like that I can easily attach it onto my stroller’s handles using the wrap straps through the buckles. And to remove it, I simply pull the side levers to release the straps. But if I just want to fold and stow my stroller away, I can just leave the controller on.

Stroller Controller

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Something like this needed to exist, and it fills a big safety need that is common for new parents.

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