Stretchee Foodz Secret Menu Review

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Editor's Review

These may look like chick’n waffles, a burger, and a breakfast sandwich, but these Stretchee Foodz are merely tactile toy versions that can be collected and mixed and matched to create all-new sandwiches. And you can open up each one’s tag to reveal the secret mix and match menu. Using pieces like buns, waffles, bacon, cheese, and more, layer up these sandwiches in any combination you choose and enjoy their stretchy and squishy textures. 

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These are really silly fidget toys that offer tactile play and imaginative play. Keep a sandwich on your desk to give it a squeeze whenever your brain needs a break. Or use them to open up a pretend restaurant and get creative with your menu offerings.


Realistic look of the food pieces
Offer tactile play
Inspire imaginative play



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