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Editor's Review

Don’t just read a bedtime story. Project it with the Story Projector Fairytale Club. This rocket ship-shaped projector comes with a collection of five fairytale stories that it will project onto a wall. You can read Snow White, The Little Match Girl, Puppet Adventures, Three Little Pigs, and Ugly Duckling in a totally new way. You can even project the stories into the interior of the projector’s box, which is decorated to look like a theater. 

Each story comes on a plastic projector card. Insert the story you want into the slot on top of the projector. Then, turn on the projector. Press the mode button to start the projection, and adjust the focus until the picture is clear. The instruction book contains the words and pictures for each story, so while a child looks at the projected image, a parent can read the words in the book and press down on the projector’s white handle when it’s time to switch to the next image.

If you press the mode button a second time, it switches to night light mode. The bottom half of the projector glows and even projects a starry night sky from the bottom.

Press the mode button a third time to enter story mode. In this mode, the projector will play music and read aloud the five stories. Use the arrow button to switch between the stories. (This mode doesn’t follow the exact same wording as what’s printed in the instruction book.)

A fourth mode can also be found if you press the projection mode button again. This mode is comfort mode, and the bottom of the rocket ship lights up and projects a starry night sky as soothing sounds play. Use the arrow button to cycle through five sounds. (We thought the dripping water sound was a little creepy.)

You can also adjust the volume and projection brightness with the other two buttons on the back of the projector.

A handle makes this lightweight projector easy for kids to carry from room to room or take on the go. You will need three AA batteries, which are not included.

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Should I get it?

We like that this has four different modes, making it more than just a storytime projector. Kids can read bedtime stories in two ways or use the Story Projector to help them fall asleep at night. The instructions could have done a better job explaining about these different modes and how to access them, but overall, it’s fairly easy for kids to set this up on their own, and they will like seeing familiar fairy tales come to life on their bedroom walls.


4 different modes
Fun way to read bedtime stories
Easy for kids to set up


Instructions could have been better
Batteries are not included

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