Step2 Naturally Playful Splashway Canal Review

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Editor's Review

Get ready to splash the day away with your child with the help of the Step 2 Naturally Playful Splashway Canal.  The canal comes with two rolling boats, one bucket, one cup, one strainer and the plastic base. It can be set on the ground for easy access and is big enough for multiple children to play together. The upper water tray releases a steady stream down the slide for an exhilarating boat ride while the base has a natural, wood-grain texture and the basin floor has molded-in details. Your child will have a ton of fun as the water pours down from the lower tray and hits the drawbridge, which sounds like real rainfall. They can also race the boats around the track, across the drawbridge, and splash into the water. The canal is great for kids as water play fosters the growth of fine and gross motor skills, imagination, and creativity. Assembly is also super simple as, with just a few simple steps, your child can dive in. The canal combines two different things Riley loves: toys with wheels and playing in water. It kept him busy for hours. We loved being able to roll the boats down the slide with or without pouring water down it. However, the bridge doesn’t like to stay on at all times. Whenever Riley flipped it up, it would come out of the holes it’s meant to be in. 

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Should I get it?

If you have a ton of room in your backyard this would be great. But not being able to easily fold it up to store it made it difficult for us.


  • Water play keeps kids busy.
  • The canal requires very little assembly. 


  • The bridge doesn’t stay in place.
  • It doesn’t store very well. 

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