Stellar Baby Bottle Sterilizer Review

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Editor's Review

The Stellar Baby Bottle Sterilizer is a modern baby sterilizer that disinfects baby bottles and nipples in just 3 minutes. It eliminates 99.9% of viruses and bacteria without any water or steam and also comes with a car power adapter making it the perfect travel companion.

Stellar uses UV light instead of water and steam to disinfect bottles and nipples. Upon contact, UV-C light instantly disrupts the DNA/RNA of viruses and bacteria, eliminating 99.99% of harmful germs on surfaces and in water.

It features a magnetic safety lock that stops the cycle if the sterilizer is opened.

Stellar Baby Bottle Sterilizer

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It is fast and easy to use. Stellar sterilizes two sets of bottles and nipples in just 3 minutes! It is less than half the time of a steam sterilizer. As it cleans without water or steam, the bottles can be used right away without cooling off or venting.

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