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Editor's Review

Find out what really goes on inside your body with the Squishy Human Body realistic model and anatomy book. This science kit takes you on a journey through the human body and lets you get hands-on with the 12-inch human model and squishy organs and plastic bones inside. The model comes with a stand so that it stays upright while you learn. The kit also includes tweezers and forceps.

The 24-page illustrated activity guide takes you from the mouth and into the stomach to help you understand how all the parts of your body do their jobs. As you read about the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, bladder, and more, you can also use the tools to remove the body parts and set them aside on the Organ-izer poster for more individualized exploration. Then try to put everything back together inside the model! (There are instructions for that.)

Squishy Human Body

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This model and book gives kids a unique way to explore the human body. It would be an ideal learning tool for at-home schooling and a fun way to supplement the classroom science education. Kids will love the squishy feeling of the organs, which definitely gives this toy an appealing gross-out factor.

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