Spoutless Sippy Cup, Straw Convertible Cup Set, and Ergonomic Utensils Review

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Editor's Review

If you’re looking for a utensil/cup set that will teach your baby to be independent while eating, then look non further than the Grabease Spoutless Sippy & Straw Convertible Cup Set/Ergonomic Utensils with Travel Case.  The Spoutless cup comes in three colors: Are You Blushing, Gray Dream, and Teal My Heart. We’ll be reviewing the Teal My Heart color today. It can be used three ways: as a straw cup, as a sippy cup (without a straw), or as an open cup. The cup offers three ways for your baby to drink because some babies do better with straws while others can do without it. It also transitions with your child as they get older. The cylinder shaped cup with trim at the base allows your baby to keep it standing up straight and not tipping it over while the food grade silicone lid and straw protects baby’s gum and teeth. The cup features a patented choke protection barrier which helps prevent over-insertion, gagging, or choking. The training cups are made from safe, durable polypropylene plastic with a 100% food-grade silicone lid and straw. The cup is clear so that your baby can see liquid inside and receive visual feedback that liquid is pouring into their mouth. Riley loved using the straw version of this cup because it was easier for him to sip on his water or smoothie. We haven’t transitioned to using an open cup as Riley is still too little, but the short design of this cup will definitely be helpful when it comes to training him to use a regular cup. The utensils are recommended by Occupational Therapists as their ergonomic handle fits comfortably in babies’ natural hand grasp which makes putting food into their mouth so much easier. This set will also strengthen their fingers while encouraging proper pencil grasp development. The choke barrier protection found on the fork and spoon helps to prevent your baby from sticking it too far down their throats which helps to nurture your baby’s self eating and independence. These utensils can be used by babies 6 months and up. The utensils are dishwasher safe and it comes with a travel case so you can take your utensils on the go. Riley absolutely loved these utensils as he found it easy to lift his found to his mouth with minimal spilling. He also loved how wide the handles were because he could shake them around without them flying out of his hand like a regular spoon would.


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Should I get it?

Yes! These are all products that will grow with your child from 6m and up.


  • The cup/utensils are designed to help your baby be more independent
  • Works for babies regardless of their eating/drinking level.


  • None!

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