Spin Flip Puzzle Review

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Editor's Review

The Spin Flip Puzzle is two puzzles and two challenges in one. It may not look like it at first glance, but there are two puzzle images on each side. Pick one to solve and start spinning, flipping, and rotating one of the 14 concentric rings in any direction – up, down, front, back, left, or right. Once you align the rings until they complete the image, you’ve solved the puzzle! To solve the second puzzle, turn the Spin Flip to the other side, mix up the rings, and spin and rotate them again. 

The puzzles come in a variety of designs, from Puppies & Kittens and the Italian food-themed Mama Mia! to abstract art and illustrations by artist Elizabeth Sutton. 

Sometimes the rings pop out. Don’t worry – the toy is designed to do that. Just follow the instructions to pop it back together.

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This is a puzzle combined with a fidget toy. Depending on what style you have, some of the puzzle images may be easier to solve than others. The hardest part for us was keeping in place the rings we’d already solved while trying to move others. If you’re up for a new puzzling challenge, then you might like Spin Flip.


Combines a fidget toy with a puzzle
2 images to solve
Solve over and over again


Might be too easy for some puzzlers

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