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Editor's Review

The Spider Spin game combines strategy, competitiveness and speed. You get the spider, mission card and 10 discs which divide into two colors. There are also several ways to play. I’ll show you one way- for example in this game each player receives five same-colored discs and place them face down on the floor. Grab the spider spin and pull the string! A reminder to not grab the plate on the bottom. Once you agree as to how far all players need two be you start sliding the discs towards the spider in an attempt to allow the spiders legs to catch as many discs as possible. The winner will be the one who has more discs caught in the spiders legs! Play 5 rounds to make the game more interesting and add up the total! To get more ways to play follow the QR code located on the box!

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Should I get it?

This is an interactive game for kids ages 7 ad up!


  • There are various ways to play
  • Entertains kids for quite some time
  • Kids will learn about strategy, perception and so much more while playing and 
  • The spider is very well made


There is no bag to keep everything together and having all these games are great, but if you lose the QR code then you won’t know how to play the other games.

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