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Editor's Review

Get ready for fast-paced fun with favorite characters when you play Something Wild. Available in Spider-Man and Star Wars themes, to name a few, these card games also include a collectible Funko Pop! figure. 

Gameplay is the same, no matter which theme you have. You’ll need two to four players ages 6 and up. You’re trying to score Power Cards by making a set, three cards of any color with the same number, or a run, three cards of the same color with numbers in order. You start with three cards in your hand, and on your turn, you’ll draw a new card and play a card. (You can only have five cards face up in front of you, so if you have more than that, you’ve got to discard until there are only five.) If you play a card that matches the color on the face-up Power Card or that has a “take a figure” symbol on it, you get to take the Pop! figure. Having the figure allows you to use a Power symbol from a card you’ve already scored or the one on the face-up Power Card. Some powers allow you to treat Blue cards in play as any number, play an extra card if you have any 6s in play, or treat Green cards as any color. Once you have a set or a run, you score the Power Card, and once you’ve scored three Power Cards, you win!

Each game comes with 45 Character cards, 10 Power cards, a Pop! Figure, and instructions.

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Funko fans will definitely want to collect these card games just for the mini Pop! figure inside each box. Buying more than one Something Wild game actually allows you to combine themes and expand the gameplay. We like that the game is pretty easy to learn and that the figure is part of the play. 


Each game comes with a mini figure
Figures are part of the game
Pretty easy to learn
Power cards add special abilities



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