Snap Ships Forge and Komplex Fusion Building Sets Review

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Editor's Review

The collection includes six different mini ships that can be combined to create larger vessels. From heroic fighters of the Forge there’s the BP-48 Biped Mech, RL-55 Assault Drone, and DA-63 Turbine Drone. Combine all three to create the MD-Switch 1 Fusion Build.

From the collection of dangerous and dastardly fighters known as the Komplex, there’s the K-Dive Ambush Drone, K-Crawler Suppression Mech, and the K-Swarm Strike Drone. Combine all three of these kits to build the K-Form Fusion Build. Each kit also includes firing weapons.

Each set includes a drone, instructions, a separation tool, and an orange peg piece, which can connect any two parts in the absence of a molded peg. Every piece is compatible with other Snap Ships kits.

Snap Ships Forge and Komplex Fusion Building Sets

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These Snap Ships mini-kits are a great way to get into the world of Snap Ships. Kids can build whatever they want, thanks to the versatile building system for creating multiple crafts with interchangeable parts.

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