Skyrocket Sky Viper Vector Stunt Plane Review

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Editor's Review

The Sky Viper is a thin and sleek jet plane shaped gyro toy, which boasts a top speed of 35 miles per hour. Inside the box you get the Sky viper itself, two replacement propellers, 3 wire landing gear wheels, a USB charging cable, and the controller. Before anything, unscrew the battery compartment, remove the battery, and plug it in to get a good charge. A full charge will net you approximately 20 minutes of flying time, based on our tests. The controller is somewhat unorthodox, in that it has no pads on the control sticks. While slightly less comfortable, this makes it a bit easier to detect small movements in the sticks. This helps a lot since the controls on this thing are quite responsive, so much so that it’s a bit hard to control, at least for our reviewer! (Maybe he’s just bad at it.)

On the other hand, performing stunts couldn’t be easier, since it is done with the touch of a button! From takeoff, it flies smooth and straight in the air. Raise and lower the propeller speed with the left stick, and turn with the right. At top speed, the turns are somewhat wide, so be careful not to hit anything. Even if you do, it’s not the end of the world, thanks to the rubbery nose cone. Also included with this is a set of patching tape to fix up and gashes, should the worst occur. One thing that did keep happening, was the wheel getting knocked out of alignment on one of the rear struts during landing.

Skyrocket Sky Viper Vector

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Should I get it?

If you live on or within close distance of a wide open area, then this toy is for you! It’s very fun to fly, but it requires a lot of space to enjoy.


  • It flies gracefully in the air thanks to the shape.
  • The controls are super responsive.
  • The signal extends up to an incredible 500 feet.
  • You get replacement propellers and mending tape. 


  • There is a high learning curve with the controls.
  • The battery time limit is relatively low.
  • A wheel kept getting dislodged on our copy.

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