Skid Markz The Scootin’ Dog-Doodlin’ Game Review

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Editor's Review

Lest you think Goliath Games couldn’t top their hilarious and gross Doggie Doo game, think again. Now you can play a drawing game with a poop-scootin’ dog in Skid Markz.

The centerpiece of the game is a Scoot the Dog! with leash attachment. There’s a hole in the dog’s back where you insert one of the two brown Dry-Erase markers. Then you’re ready to play. You’ve got to earn Poo Point cards by guessing and drawing Doodle words from the Bone cards. Each Bone card has four words on it, and the color of the word indicates its difficulty level. There’s also a Challenge die that adds another level of difficulty by making you draw with your non-dominant hand, for instance.

So on your turn, you’ll flip over a card, silently read the word that matches the challenge level you’re playing, and then roll the challenge die. Then, set a time (not included) for one minute and use Scoot the Dog, holding him by the leash, to draw a picture of the word on the Dry-Erase board. And yes, it looks like the dog is scooting across the board and leaving behind a poopy trail. All other players can guess, and the player who guesses correctly gets a Poo Point card. The drawer gets one, too. If no one guesses correctly, then the drawer’s turn is over, and it’s the next player’s turn.

If you’ve got three to six players, you play until each player has drawn three times. For seven to nine players, each player gets to draw twice.

Skid Markz The Scootin’ Dog-Doodlin’ Game

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Yes, this game is gross, but let’s remember that potty humor is still very funny to younger kids, and the overall gameplay is really fun. We like the challenge of using the dog to draw, but you don’t have to be a perfect artist to succeed in this game. In fact, rolling the challenge die will hinder any professional. We also like that the game can be tailored to the number of players and to younger players thanks to the four levels of Doodle word difficulty. You can also make the game easier for younger players by simply skipping the challenge die and removing the dog’s leash so that kids hold the dog by his body.

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