Shimmer ‘n Sparkle The Real Ultimate Nail Spa Review

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Editor's Review

This set comes with everything you need! The spa unit, 6 nail polishes, 1 hand lotion, 3 packets Mani-Soak-Net, 3 vials of glitter, 3 sheets of nail stickers, 1 nail brush, 1 nail file, empty polish remover, 50 plastic nails, 70 nail adhesive stickers, 1 product label, and instructions.

If you’re doing the press-on nails here’s what you’ll need to do! To begin your nails should be clean and completely dry before attaching press-on nails. Apply a thin layer of polish to press-on nails. Sprinkle glitter or sequin directly onto the wet polish. Then let it dry. When the nails are dry, add clear polish for extra shine and smoothness. After it dries which is about 5 minutes, clean up any of the paint that may have dripped to the backside of the nails. Next, add the adhesive sticker to the back of each nail. Once you’re ready to wear, twist off the nails, and press the nails on to your nails.

If you want to just paint your real nails you can do that too! Fill the spa with warm water, add a packet of salts, and soak your fingers while getting a massage. You can also change the massage patterns. After soaking your fingers, gently scrub the nail brush under your nails and on top. Place your fingers back into the spa water to soak. When done paint the nails, decorate, place them in the dryer, and add the top polish.

Shimmer ‘n Sparkle The Real Ultimate Nail Spa

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This is a fun DIY salon experience. Kids can imagine running their own salon or with friends and if you run out of any of the products, you can restock!

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