Sensory FX ASMR Bars and ASMR Pods Review

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Editor's Review

Activate your autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) with new toys designed to do just that. Have you ever watched a YouTube video that was nothing but a satisfying crackly sound? Then you’ve probably watched an ASMR video. Now you can make your own soothing sounds and effects with the Sensory FX lineup of bars and pods. Each one has a different texture, sound, and movement for a different play experience.

In series 1 of the ASMR Bars, you might collect the Bump bar, which is covered in rubbery green balls that you can press, rub, or tap. There’s even a little bit of a squeaky sound if you listen really closely. Other Bars include Rip, Roll, Gear, Wave, Pull, Nub, Zipper, Button, and Tread, plus you can collect exclusive Bars in a five-pack and collect ultra exclusive Mega Bars. These Bars can be connected so you can have a variety of sensory experiences all together.

The collection of series 1 ASMR Pods includes Spin, Grind, Tread, Swivel, Ball, Roll, Whirl, Pop, Sift, and Extend. So, for instance, with Tread, you’ve got a rubbery middle piece with the same texture and rotation as the treads on a vehicle. Two exclusive Pods are also available to collect.

And all of these are packaged up in blind packaging, so you won’t know which one is inside until you unwrap the multiple layers, which is itself kind of a tactile play experience.

Sensory FX ASMR Bars and ASMR Pods

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Kids will like these for a variety of reasons. There’s the unboxing surprise and then the auditory, visual, and tactile stimulation of each toy. Adults will have fun with these, too! Use these to make your own ASMR videos or just fidget with them when you’re working from home.

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