Sense & Grow Dual Liquid Timer Review

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Editor's Review

Older kids, ages 8 and up, will like watching the dropping bubbles and spinning colors of the Sense & Grow Dual Liquid Timer. This approximately one-minute timer has two hearts at either end, one filled with pink liquid and the other with blue liquid. Flip it over to watch the liquid bubble down, kind of like a lava lamp, activating the spinning features on each side. This was designed as a focusing tool for kids with sensory and hyperactivity issues, but it can be used for any kid and for a variety of purposes. Use it as a countdown to help kids transition from one activity to the next, use it as a timer for a game, or just turn it over and stare at the mesmerizing dropping and spinning whenever you need to decompress.

Sense & Grow Dual Liquid Timer

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The Dual Liquid Timer is a great visual of what 60 seconds is. Kids and adults will really enjoy watching the timer in action and finding lots of creative uses for it. Or just keeping it out as a cool display piece.

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