Schitt’s Creek Love That Journey Party Game Review

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Editor's Review

Love That Journey comes in a nice compact box, with the entire Rose family front and center. Inside you’ll get a folding game board, Character Cards, double sided Question Cards, Character Movers, Rose Tiles, Answer Tiles, and of course, instructions.

The goal, after selecting your character mover, is to make it from start to finish. Classic board game objective so far. The heart of this game is in how you advance. Each space has either a “Téte à Téte” symbol or a “Would I” symbol. With Téte à Téte, draw two character cards and place them on the board in the left and right spaces. Then draw a question card and look at the Téte à Téte side, and use the two characters as answers. Putting a pin in that for now, let’s look at “Would I” spaces. Instead, simply draw a question card and look at the “Would I” side for a choice of two options. Now, in either scenario, the current player (hypothetically, you) answers the question silently, and flips their answer token face up to what they choose. Put it in your palm and keep it secret for now. Then, every other player must try to guess your answer correctly. In essence, this is a game about how well you know who you’re playing with, plus how well you know the show. Everyone reveals their answer and guesses at the same time, and anyone who guessed right moves forward one space.

If you wish, you can use your rose token to either advance 2 spaces with a correct guess, or try to argue why the correct answer is in fact the other option, and if the player agrees, move forward 1. Rose tokens can only be used twice per game, so use them wisely! The player or players who make it to the end first win! We enjoyed this game quite a bit. It’s simple to understand and a lot of fun to play, the best kind of game in our book. Plus, the game board and graphic design is super charming.

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Should I get it?

Definitley! If you’re a fan of the show, you’ll love this game. If not, you may end up becoming a fan before long. It’s a great icebreaker board game for new friends, and an awesome bonding game for old friends. Win-win!


  • The decor and design are pleasant to the eye.
  • The question cards are spiritually aligned with the humor of the show.
  • It’s a fun icebreaker game. You can have fun whether you know your fellow players well or don’t, since you get to know them even if you guess wrong.


  • None!

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