Ryan’s World Galaxy Explorers Mega Mystery Rocketship Review

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Editor's Review

Blast off with Ryan and discover more than 15 surprises inside the Ryan’s World Galaxy Explorer Mega Mystery Rocketship. This 22-inch tall playset unfolds to reveal four levels of surprise-filled compartments that reveal a space blaster with lights and sounds, a buildable rover, a hammer, five figures and accessories, glow-in-the-dark stars, and a Ryan astronaut badge.

The instructions walk you through all the steps to reveal the hidden toys. Start by pressing the button at the bottom to start the countdown and activate lights and sound effects. Then, press the button on top of the capsule and pull down the doors to reveal surprises. Next, you’ll press buttons to pop open the two doors below with lots of different surprises to unlock and reveal on this level. Two more buttons beneath that pop off the side hatches to reveal more surprises. And the last button opens up the bottom door with another surprise inside. By this point, you’ll have found the keycard, which gets inserted in the slot on top so you can pull out on the big handle for, you guessed it, more surprises. Separate from the rocket ship, there’s also a moon container with play sand and a satellite with a figure inside.

Then, you can play with the rocket ship and all the toys you’ve unboxed! The top part of the rocket ship can be removed and transformed into a capsule. Removing that reveals a pop-up elevator. There’s space for plugging in the spacewalk tube so that any of the figures can go for a spacewalk.

Ryan’s World Galaxy Explorers Mega Mystery Rocketship

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This has so many levels of unboxing. Kids will love the surprises of all the rocket ship can do, as well as discovering the hidden toys inside. Once unboxed, the rocket ship makes a great play area for everything, inspiring a lot of imaginative play.

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