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Editor's Review

The Rubik’s Phantom is a standard 3×3 puzzle cube where faces slide anywhere along its gridlines. There’s a satisfying weight to it, but it’s still light and comfortable to hold. Like a true OG, the Rubik’s simply glides as you mess with it. No grease necessary here, this is already halfway to a speed-solver’s dream. However, this cube is almost entirely black on all sides. Pray, how is one meant to solve this legendary brain teaser with neither color nor texture?

Sometimes the best strategy for a daunting puzzle is just to dive right in, and in this case you’re instantly rewarded. The surfaces of the Phantom are heat activated, so the longer you struggle, the more hints you’ll get. Eventually it will resemble the timeless cube we know and love. One thing to note, the faces aren’t totally without color at rest, so folks with very sensitive eyes will have an advantage. Still, don’t be fooled, this toy is tough as nails, just like the classic.

Rubik's Phantom

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Should I get it?

Absolutely pick this up! The novelty of the heat-activated surfaces makes the Rubik’s Phantom a worthy addition to your cube collection.


  • The quality of the plastic is high, which results in a quality weight and hand feel.
  • The faces slide buttery smooth.
  • The color changing feature works great.


  • An ever so slight amount of hue is still visible in Phantom mode.
  • It’s just as difficult as a standard Rubik’s cube, if not more. (Might be a pro, depending on your outlook!)

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