Rubik’s Cube Retro 50th Anniversary Edition Review

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Editor's Review

Does it feel like it might take you 50 years to solve a Rubik’s Cube? Well, 50 years is how long people have been puzzling over these colorful 3×3 cubes. And the Rubik’s Cube Retro 50th Anniversary Edition lets fans celebrate the milestone, complete with a gold side, an anniversary logo, and display stand. Other than that, it looks and feels just like the original cube: boxy edges,  slower turns, and standard stickers. Combining math, art, and science, the Rubik’s Cube has over 43 quintrillion combinations but only one solution. Twist it up so all the colors are mixed up, and then twist and turn it so that every side once again has one solid color.

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Should I get it?

The Rubik’s Cube is a classic toy that’s perfect for puzzle fans young and old. Even though solving it is challenging, it’s still fun to try! And rotating and twisting the cube is a satisfying fidget activity. This special version makes a nice collector’s item for fans.


Anniversary details
Twisting & turning is a tactile fidget activity
Trying to solve is a satisfying challenge



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