Richard Scarry’s Busytown Seek and Find Game Review

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Editor's Review

In the world of Busy Town, there’s so much to see. And if you can be the player to collect five seek and find cards, then you win the Richard Scarry’s Busy Town Seek and Find Game. You can play the game with two to four players ages 3 and up.

Each character pawn starts on its matching game board start space. Players take turns spinning the spinner and moving their pawn around the board that many spaces. If you land on a magnifying glass, that’s a Seek and Find Space. All players get to draw a Seek and Find card from the deck. If you’re playing at Level 1, the easier level, you’ll be using the cards with blue border. With these cards, payers race to find their card item on the board. When you find your image, point to it and ring the bell. If you find it first, you keep your card. If you’re playing with Level 2 or red border cards, your card will have two images on it. One is on the board and one is not, and you’ve got to be quick to find the image that is on the board. Same rules apply with ringing the bell.

If you land on a Goldbug space, draw a card from the Goldbug deck and follow the instructions. You may get to Take a Seek and Find Card and have 30 seconds to find the item on the card. Or you might get a Lose a Seek and Find Card, which means you have to put one of your earned cards in the discard pile. Other Goldbug cards include Move Back a Space and Move Forward a Space. 

The game comes with a jumbo board, 112 playing cards, a spinner, a bell, and four character pawns with bases. 

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This is a cute, easy-to-learn seek-and-find game, perfect for fans of Richard Scarry’s books and characters. Preschoolers will have fun searching for images and ringing the bell. And we like that there are two levels of play so that the game grows with your child.


Easy to learn
2 levels of play
Tests visual skills and speed
Preschoolers will like ringing the bell



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