Remi Portable Playard Review

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Editor's Review

Looking for the perfect place to rest your baby’s head while also giving them the freedom to move around on their own? Well, look no further than the Uppababy Remi Playard.  The Remi playard comes in four colors: Noa, Charlie, Jake and Stella. We are reviewing the Noa version, otherwise known as the navy playard. If the playard is folded, its dimensions are 11” L x 10” W x 28.5” H. When unfolded, it’s dimensions change to 40.5” L x 26” W x 28.5”H. The playard comes with a storage bag that holds the mattress, pack and play, bassinet, and sheet. The playard is suitable from birth to when your child is 35” tall. There is an easy to zip mesh bassinet that is suitable from birth to 20 lbs, which is strange because my nine month old is 15 lbs and I would NEVER put him in the bassinet. You just take the mattress,  unzip the two end parts, and it becomes a bassinet mattress. There is velcro to make sure the bassinet mattress doesn’t move. It’s up to you if you’d like to use a mattress sheet, but you have to make sure it’s tight enough. They did provide a white sheet to use on the mattress, which I wish I used sooner because, when Riley spit up on the air mesh mattress, it was very hard to clean. The triple layer air mesh mattress is, thankfully, machine washable. You have to open the velcro, take out the board, and then you can throw it in the wash. Unfortunately, the mattress isn’t very thick and doesn’t seem comfortable for a baby. The playard only weighs 20lbs, but it feels a lot lighter. It was so easy to open and close; you can do it with one hand! There is a brown handle that you can push down to open and pull up to close. I liked the additional two handles on the side and top; it made it easier to maneuver the playard around our living room. We mostly used the door for Riley to go in and out of. He enjoyed having another place to go besides the living room; it was like our little mini play room. We haven’t had to use it for travel, but we absolutely love to use it for him to play in during the day. Riley’s favorite feature had to be the zip side pane, which can be used for easy access to soothe the baby to sleep. We use it to let Riley practice climbing in and out on his own.

Price Check


Should I get it?

This is a great product for sleeping but the mesh zipper makes it great for playtime.


  • It’s very easy to set up
  • The mesh zipper gives easy access to your baby
  • It’s travel friendly. 


  • The mattress is hard.

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