Reel Big Catch Game Review

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Editor's Review

How do your fishing skills measure up? Find out when you play Reel Big Catch. In this preschool game, two to three players take turns using the fishing rod to catch telescoping fish of all sizes. All the fish look the same size in the center of the playing space. But reel one in to watch it grow. Once all the fish have been caught, use the tape measure to measure the length of each fish. The player with the biggest fish wins. You can also play a Speed Round version of the game, where you see how long it takes you to catch all the fish. And the game includes instructions for younger and older players.

The game includes nine expanding fish, a tape measure, a fishing rod, and instructions.

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Should I get it?

This game is super easy to learn and will inspire some roleplay along with the math skills learning. Little kids will like watching the fish expand and measuring the fish in either inches, centimeters, or starfish.


Easy to learn
Introduces the math concept of measurement
Kids will like watching the fish expand
Inspires some roleplay



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