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Editor's Review

Create and collect with new Rainbow Loom Loomi-Pals. These are rubber band charm bracelets that come in fun themes, such as dino, zoo, fairy, and food. Inside each bag, you’ll find 600 bands, 30 themed mystery charms, 50 g-clips, and a Happy Loom tool for making and decorating your own loom bracelets. Keep track of which charms you’ve got on the collector’s guide. The back of the guide includes instructions for using the Happy Loom. Each bag is resealable to make it easy to store all the items when you’re not working on a bracelet or for taking on the go.

To collect more charms, the Loomi-Pals Charm Bracelet Kit includes 60 charms, 2100 rubber bands, 150 clips, and two Happy Loom tools. That allows two kids to make bracelets together. Everything is packaged up in a reusable plastic carrying case. The set also includes 12 gift bags in case kids want to make bracelets for their friends.

The Loomi-Pals Combo Set is also a great multi-kid activity, with two Happy Looms, 60 charms, 2300 rubber bands, 300 beads, 150 g-clips, and 12 gift bags. This one also comes with a larger Rainbow Loom, giving kids two ways to make their bracelets. And everything is packaged up nicely in a reusable plastic carrying case.

With each kit, follow the instructions to weave the bands together and then secure the ends with a g-clip. The g-clips are also how you clip on the charms you want to add.

Rainbow Loom Loomi-Pals

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We like the portability of the Happy Loom tool, though the process was a little cumbersome for our large adult hands. Overall, the instructions were easy to follow, and we like that kids can get creative picking out the rubber band colors and charms that they want to use. The process of making these bracelets takes patience but will be fun for crafty kids who like making their own fashion accessories.

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