Quick-Switch Power Bow Review

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Editor's Review

The Quick-Switch Bow is the best kind of toy, ready to open and play in no time flat. In total, you get the bow, two pairs of bungees, and 3 arrows. The design of the Quick-Switch is extremely cool. It’s monochromatic, angular and ergonomically shaped to fit well in your hand. Either one actually, this bow works great for righties and lefties! The green bungees are lower gauge and shoot up to 150 feet, whereas the red bungees can potentially shoot up to 250 feet! To install, just rotate the locks, thread the bungees across the rollers, secure the bungee ends in place, and then twist the locks back in position. Knock an arrow with the molded catches, pull back, and let go to fire. The Quick-Switch is super fun to fire. The motion feels good, the arrows fly far, and they even whistle thanks to the molded in detail in the arrowheads. Speaking of, the arrowheads are blunt and soft for safety,  just in case. However, they’re devastating on stacked cups! The arrowheads deviate slightly, but they’re accurate enough to where target practice is very much viable.

Quick Switch Power Bow

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Should I get it?

Absolutely! This toy bow is a ton of fun to set up and use for either target practice or long distance shooting.


  • The look is totally awesome.
  • You get two bungee options.
  • The arrows are easy to knock and fire, they fly far, and they even whistle as they fly.
  • It’s quite accurate too, so shooting targets is very fun. 


  • 3 arrows isn’t a ton to work with, but replacement packs do exist, in case the worst occurs.

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