Purse Pets Treat Yo Self, Print Perfect, and Hello Kitty and Friends Review

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Editor's Review

Serve up the sweetest looks with kawaii-inspired Treat Yo Self Purse Pets! These fashionable Purse Pets foodie mashups that have expressive light up cheeks, over 25 exciting sounds and reactions and respond to your touch!

Or little ones can discover Print Perfect Purse Pets with patterned fabrics! These fashionable interactive Purse Pets are packed with purse-onality. They respond to your touch, really blink and have over 30 new exciting sounds and reactions!

And look who we’ve got here- Hello Kitty! Friendship meets fashion with the Hello Kitty and Friends Loves Purse Pets Collection! These look just like your favorite Sanrio characters. And just like the other Purse Pets- they respond to your touch, blink and have over 30 sounds and reactions from the world of Hello Kitty and Friends! Hello Kitty features soft white fabric, her signature plushie red bow, embroidered side details and an adjustable printed strap.

Purse Pets Treat Yo Self, Print Perfect, and Hello Kitty and Friends

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Should I get it?

These are great for kids ages 5 years and up!


  • All are uniquely different
  • Perfect size for little hands
  • They can be paired with any outfit
  • They’re interactive making it not just wearable, but entertaining


  • All are sold separately

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