Polly Pocket Sparkle Cove Adventure Narwhal Adventurer Boat Review

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Editor's Review

Take off for adventure with Polly Pocket in the new Polly Pocket TV movie Sparkle Cove Adventure and the Narwhal Adventurer Boat based on the movie. This purple playset may look like a narwhal on the outside, but press the narwhal’s heart to open it up into a cruise ship playset. There are blind bags to unbox and fun accessories to inspire the play with the Polly and Shani dolls. 

The center of the playset has two slides leading into a pool, and you can really fill the pool with water. When you do this, you can press down on the whale’s tail and water will squirt from the blowhole fountain. 

One side of the cruise ship has a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen/eating area. The other side has a mini golf course and spinning dance floor. 

What’s inside those blind bags? Three pearls that dissolve in water to reveal fun surprises.

You can store everything inside when playtime is over. 

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Should I get it?

This cute playset has a lot for kids to discover, and with more than 15 play pieces, there’s a lot to inspire imaginations. Even if kids haven’t seen the new Polly Pocket movie, they’ll still enjoy the big fun in a tiny size with this playset.


15+ play pieces
Water features
Imaginative play


Water play is messy

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