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Editor's Review

Animal lovers can hang out with Polly Pocket and her favorite pets in new animal-shaped Polly Pocket Pet Connects compacts. There are four designs to choose from: bear, unicorn, owl, and hamster. Each one comes with a doll of either Polly or one of her friends, an animal figure, an accessory, and a playset. Each animal compact opens to reveal a themed playset inside, such as a picnic at the park and boat ride with the bear. Pegs provide space to stick the dolls and accessories to the playset so nothing falls off, and everything can be stored inside the closed animal compact when playtime is over. Bring the fun on the go thanks to the compact’s heart-shaped clip.

Polly Pocket Pet Connects Compactsa

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These are super cute playsets that will appeal to Polly Pocket fans who like animals. Kids can choose the compact theme of their favorite animal or try to collect them all. The compacts are actually stackable, so the more you collect, the more you can create a Polly Pocket animal tower.

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