Pokemon Trainer Mission, Trainer Challenge, and Trainer Guess Sinnoh Edition Review

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Editor's Review

This trio of Pokemon toys from Ultra Pro may all be electronic interactive toys, but they function very differently. One thing that unifies them, however, is their high quality build. The Trainer Challenge and Mission devices are colorful, and covered in a nice matte finish. The Sinnoh Trainer Guess has the elegant and understated Premier Ball design, and has a glossy finish. All three have super clean sculpts, with no plastic flash marks or imperfections to be found. They get top marks for craftsmanship, and almost look like they’ve been pulled right out of the animated series!

The Trainer Mission is best described as a trainer role play toy with motion based elements. Install 3 AAA batteries (not included,) strap the Trainer Mission to your dominant hand and go through a quick calibration segment to get started. The Trainer Mission will guide you through locating a Pokemon in order to catch them. Move your arm or body in the proper directions to stay on the Pokemon’s trail. React too sluggishly and it will get away. Shake the Pokeball to catch the Pokemon! Each one will be tallied in your digital collection, which you can check at any time by pressing the Pokeball button. Consult the included map to see what adventures lie in wait for you on your Pokemon journey. Once in a while, you’ll have to exaggerate a movement to get it to register, but for the most part, the sensor is reasonably responsive.

Now for the Trainer Challenge. The Trainer Challenge also requires 3 AAA batteries that you’ll need to provide yourself. Switch on the device and it will begin listing 1 fact and 2 Pokemon. Answer with the purple and orange buttons to either win a point, or incur a penalty. 5 penalties and it’s game over. The pool of Pokemon includes the 3 starters from the first 8 generations. Occasionally, Team rocket will show up and double the penalty if you answer incorrectly, be careful! Thankfully, a professor will pop in too and offer double points for a correct answer. To call it a day, press and hold the orange button if you’re done dominating for now. To pause, press both buttons at once! How high can you get your score?

Last but not least we have the Trainer Guess. This edition of Trainer Guess has 107 Pokemon from the Sinnoh region to catch. To start, select a Pokemon from the Trainer Field Guide, then press the button to begin the game. Answer the Poke Ball’s questions honestly until it guesses the Pokemon you are thinking about through process of elimination. When you complete a round, the Poke Ball adds that Pokemon to your virtual collection. Try to guess ’em all! Thankfully, batteries are included with the Trainer Guess!

Pokemon Trainer Mission, Trainer Challenge, and Trainer Guess Sinnoh Edition

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Should I get it?

All three toys work very well! Other than your personal preference, you can’t go wrong with any of the three. The Pokemon Trainer Mission in particular is very unique and interactive.


  • The craftsmanship on the toys is very high.
  • They’re easy to learn, and but take a long time to complete.
  • The Trainer Guess includes batteries!



  • Occasional difficulty in registering movement on the Trainer Mission. It doesn’t occur often, but it is worth noting.
  • Lack of included batteries with the Trainer Mission and Trainer Challenge.

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