Pokémon TCG My First Battle Review

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Editor's Review

Learn how to play the Pokemon trading card game with Pokemon TCG My First Battle. There are two versions to choose from: Pikachu & Bulbasaur or Charmander & Squirtle. Each comes with everything two people need to play. There are two mini decks with 17 cards each, two playmats, a rulebook, a large metallic Pokemon coin, a sheet of damage counters, and six prize tokens. The rulebook walks beginners through what everything means on a Pokemon card and how to set up the game. Each player starts with three cards in their hand, and on their turn, they start by drawing a card. Then there are four other actions that may be done: play a basic Pokemon onto your bench, play an Energy card, evolve Pokemon, and play Trainer cards. To finish out your turn, you can attack with your active Pokemon. These rules are also printed on each playmat. The player to knock out three of their opponent’s Pokemon wins the game. 

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This is a fun starter set for young kids learning how to play the Pokemon TCG. If your kid has Pokemon cards but doesn’t actually know how to use them, then you’ll definitely want to use this game to teach them.


Comes with everything you need
Teaches beginners how to play
Two sets to collect



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