Pokemon Silver 25th Anniversary Series Pikachu Plush and Eevee Figure Review

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Editor's Review

The poster-boy of the Pokemon anime, Pikachu, stands 7 and half inches tall at the top of his head, and 10 and a half at the tip of his left ear. Pikachu is a uniform silver color, which is decently reflective. Place him into a colorful setting and he’ll mirror the colors pretty well. Despite the homogeneity of silver on the body, the details are sewn in beautifully, filling in the iconic details of the beloved electric mouse. No detail is spared! Even on the back, his stripes and tail are present and accounted for. The reflective surface feels a bit like a cross between an astronaut blanket and nylon. Because of this material, the plush isn’t super conducive to cuddling, it’s more of a display piece. Pikachu doesn’t really stand on his own, so he’ll need a bit of help sitting upright on our shelf.

Let’s pivot over to someone with excellent balance, namely, the Eevee figure! This figure is 2 inches tall to the top of his head. Much like Pikachu, Eevee too is done up all in silver, but since this figure is solid plastic, they brought out the ultra-shiny chrome paint. Talk about hyper reflective, this chrome paint is gorgeous to look at. The molded detail of this figure is sharp, so you can instantly recognize this iconic Pokemon for who they are. If you’re a collector, be careful when handling the figure. If your hands are reasonably clean, it is resistant to fingerprints, but wash your mitts before admiring if you’re very fastidious about figure upkeep.

Pokemon Silver 25th Anniversary Series Pikachu Plush and Eevee Figure

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Both collectibles are fun to admire on your shelf or up close!

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