Play-Doh Nickelodeon Slime Foodie Blends, Waterfall Slime, and Super Stretchy Slime Tub Review

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Editor's Review

Hasbro has added Nickelodeon Slime to its Play-Doh lineup, and there are three really cool slime toys for kids to play with: Play-Doh Nickelodeon Slime Foodie Blends, Waterfall Slime, and Super Stretchy Slime Tub.


Mix up your slime play with Foodie Blends. This comes with two cans of scented slime, plus charm add-ins to match each slime color. Mix the slime colors and add-ins together to create a textured and scented slime combination. Scents include strawberry banana, ice cream cake, and mixed berry. There’s a textured plastic piece that kind of looks like bubble wrap, and it holds the two cans of slime together. You can use this piece to roll over your slime for even more of a tactile play experience.

The Waterfall Slime is a flowy, sandy, and stretchy slime. Inside the container there are actually two separate four-ounce cans of slime, giving kids two colors to swirl and mash together. Color variations include yellow and orange, lilac purple and green, and pink and blue. The textured lid adds even more sensory play.

Inside the Super Stretchy Slime Tub, you’ll find 30 ounces of pre-made slime. It is super stretchy and comes in either pink or green. The tub’s lid is textured for more play, and there’s a handle molded into the bottom of the tub so you can easily take this on the go.

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This slime is so much fun to play with, and we like that it’s all pre-made. Kids (and adults) can get to stretching and squishing right away! We also like that each toy comes with some sort of textured accessory to add to the play. This is great sensory play for kids who like slime.


Textured accessories

Different types of slime to collect

Great slime consistency

Slimes are pre-made

Tactile play



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