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Editor's Review

Wands at the ready! Determine who in your family is a Potterhead and who is a mere Muggle with Pictionary Air Harry Potter. Taking its cues from the original Pictionary Air, this themed version uses a light wand instead of a light pen to draw in the air. And what you draw shows up in the Pictionary Air app. Magic!

To play the game, you’ll first need to download the free iOS or Android Pictionary Air app and choose “Harry Potter” from the main menu. Within the app, you can assign each team a different Hogwarts house and set the number of rounds to play. Then turn on the wand and place the trunk card holder in a spot where all players can reach it.

Whoever is drawing first picks a card from the deck and secretly looks at his team’s house clue and the bonus clue (the app instructions call it a “superfan” clue). You might have to draw a specific object or character from the Harry Potter movies. To draw, press and hold the wand’s button so the tip turns green and start drawing in the air. Make sure the wand tip is pointed at the smart device, and don’t draw too big or your picture will go off-screen. Also make sure that your drawings follow the game’s “dos and don’ts.” You can interact with the clues you’re drawing, if you can remember where in the air you’ve drawn them. And that’s the challenge of this game: only the guessing players can see what’s being drawn on the screen.

Some things to note about the clues on the cards. If you draw the clue associated with your team’s Hogwarts house, that’s only worth one point. If you draw the bonus clue, your team would get two points for a correct guess. If your team correctly guesses the house clue and there’s still time left on the clock, you could either go for the bonus clue or draw another card for new clues. You manually keep track of your team’s points in the app.

Something else that happens within the app are “Magic Effects.” If your team scores a point and you still have time to keep drawing and scoring, you have the chance to activate a temporary magic effect that will automatically double any additional points scored.

When the final round has been played, the team with the most points wins the house cup.

Pictionary Air Harry Potter Game

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This game is perfectly applied to the Harry Potter brand because drawing with the wand makes you feel like you’re casting your favorite Harry Potter spell. It’s also a great game for Harry Potter fans because the clues themed to the movies test your drawing skills and Harry Potter knowledge.

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