Phil & Jack Dad Diaper Bag Backpack Review

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Editor's Review

The Phil & Jack Diaper bag is made of a military-grade fabric, built to last a long time and ready for any activity. The material is resistant and waterproof. The bag has a foldable built-in changing station so the baby can have a diaper change anytime and anywhere. It is easy to set up, just open the hanging station compartment, connect the 2 poles, insert them in the sleeves, and put the changing mat.It includes fun removable patches, a waterproof mat, and stroller straps for easy transport.

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The diaper bag has a lot of storage room, enough for baby items, laptops, books, wallets, and more. It has many compartments and pockets to keep everything in place and 4 also insulated bottle pockets to keep them warm or cold. This bag is functional, convenient, and designed to last for years.


  • changing station included,
  • resistant material,
  • various compartments, and
  • pockets.



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