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Editor's Review

Did you know that Gentoo penguins construct nests out of stone? In the game Penguins Rock!, you can help a penguin pair gather rocks to build their nest. You can play the game with two to four players ages 5 and up. 

Choose a penguin color (or two colors if it’s a two-player game) and take turns rolling the die to move the penguins from their nest to rockpiles to collect rocks. At first, you can only move your number 1 penguin, but once that penguin returns a rock to its nest, then you can roll twice on each turn – once to move the number 1 penguin and once to move the number 2 penguin. Penguins can move through other penguins’ nests, and if they land on a spot with a rock, they can steal the rock. 

If you are the first player to complete a nest by having a rock in each of the six outer nest spaces, and you have one of your penguins in the nest center, you win!

The game comes with a game board, eight penguins, 24 rocks, and a die.

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Should I get it?

This board game helps kids with counting and strategy. The penguins are cute and the rocks are colorful, adding some visual interest. Kids might even have fun playing with the game pieces outside of the game.


Cute illustrations and colorful rocks
Helps with counting and strategy
Easy to learn



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