Peeps Eggmazing Egg Decorator Review

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Editor's Review

Peeps are fun to eat, but they can also help you decorate Easter eggs this holiday thanks to the new Peeps Eggmazing Egg Decorator. The original motorized Easter egg decorating system is now shaped to look like either a pink or yellow Peeps bunny. Each Egg Decorator comes with six non-toxic markers. You’ll need to provide three AA batteries to operate the device and large or extra large hardboiled eggs. Place an egg into the battery-powered machine and turn it on. The egg will start spinning, and as it spins, you touch a marker tip to the egg to create stripes, spirals, and other fun and colorful patterns.

As if the Peeps design wasn’t enough, the original egg-shaped version has been improved with a quieter design and eco-friendly packaging. This version comes with eight markers.

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We’ve always liked how the Eggmazing Egg Decorator reduces the mess of decorating Easter eggs, and now we like it even more because it looks just like our favorite Easter candy. If your family is a fan of Peeps bunnies, then you’ll love adding this design to your collection. And if you’re new to the Eggmazing Egg Decorator, you’ll want to add this festive one to your Easter activities.


New Peeps design
Comes with 6 markers
Makes egg decorating easier & less messy


Batteries are not included

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