Papalook Baby Monitor Model BM1 Review

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Editor's Review

The Papalook Baby Monitor Model BM1 comes with two sets of chargers so you’re better prepared for those moments you misplaced the other. It is built to monitor your baby at any time and has helpful features like its high-resolution video camera that can capture and pan almost the full room, including floor to ceiling plus zoom. This is great if your baby moves a lot during sleep or simply plays all around the room while awake.

There is a great two-way communication and noise detection feature that helps you hear everything in the room and interact with your special little one when necessary, whether to reassure them that you’re on your way or to let them know it’s time for a snack.

The little tail behind the bear-shaped monitor is the temperature sensor. It can rotate 355 degrees with the base and detect the room’s temperature in real-time so you don’t have to worry whether or not your little one needs an extra blanket or covering.

The monitor provides night vision and can play eight popular lullabies. You also have the option to record long videos, in case you want to play back any fun moments with family.

Papalook Baby Monitor Model BM1

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I like this monitor a lot because it can grow with your child; from monitoring them while they’re sleeping to monitoring them while they’re playing. This helps me get a few extra things done around the house while I watch my little one from afar. The radio emitter has an active range of 900 feet, so it can be connected to the monitor even if it is on the other side of the house.

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