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Editor's Review

You like your boss, but you know that when it comes to rubber band golf, you’re the boss. So challenge your boss and your co-workers to a game of Office Decathlon. You can play individual events or, if you really like the people you work with, team events. From there, you pick 10 event cards. Team play categories include Ice Breakers, Just for Fun, and Team Building, while individual categories include Individual Challenges, Just for Fun, and Ice Breakers. Some of the challenges will require different office supplies, such as sheets of paper, sticky notes, and rubber bands. Gather the necessary supplies from the list at the bottom of the event card.

Then, complete each event one at a time and record scores on the scorecard. Whoever comes in first place in an event wins three points, second place wins two points, and third place wins one point. At the end of playing challenging games of skill and knowledge such as Paper Football; Paper Dodgeball; Pin the Sticky Note on the Boss; Paper Airplane; Marker Archery; Balls in the Air; Rubber Band Shootout; Office TV Trivia; 3 Clips, One Cup; and Company Trivia, add up the points for each player or team to determine the overall first, second, and third place winners. There are even gold, silver, and bronze medals to award the winners. Loser buys everybody bagels tomorrow!

Office Decathlon Office Card Game

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As cheesy as it sounds, this game would be good as a company bonding experience. Play it at your office holiday party, play it to get to know new employees, or play it to get to know your old employees. It might have been awhile since you’ve all been in the office together. We like that there are a variety of categories and events and everything requires office supplies you already have. The winner’s medals add a nice touch.

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