NozeBot Baby Nasal Aspirator Review

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Editor's Review

I couldn’t be more excited to take you on this nose sucking journey! Babies can’t breathe through their mouth so it’s very important to make sure their nose is clear, which is why I was pumped to try the NozeBot on Riley. This is a battery powered nasal suction device for infants. There are three levels of hospital grade suction. Unlike all the other nasal aspirators, this one you hold using your pointer and middle finger, which gives you your thumb and ring finger to hold your childs face still if needed. It comes with the rechargeable unit, charger, BPA free tubing, nosepiece, and 12 extra disposable filters. It’s portable and rechargeable using a micro USB which could also be charged in your car if need be. The lights on the machine will turn yellow when it needs to be recharged. It’s also easy to clean; the nosepiece and tubing being dishwasher safe on the top rack. Plus, the filters are disposable. If you don’t want to put the NozeBot through the dishwasher, you can use a mild dish soap to wash the parts. You can also buy all new parts on the NozeBot website. When using the NozeBot on Riley, I wasn’t sure if I liked it because it took over 12 hours to just get to half a charge. If I need to suck the boogers immediately, I’d have to use a bulb sucker. The sound it makes when you turn it on is also very noisy and it did kind of scare our son. I stayed on the first level of suction and he barely liked that, so I was honestly afraid to go to the next level. Each level got louder, which continued to scare our son. However, the first level did have enough suction to get some big boogers out, which was pretty helpful.

NozeBot Baby Nasal Aspirator

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Should I get it?

It’s a great tool to have when you have a sick baby on your hands.


  • Hospital grade suction
  • Rechargeable
  • Easily portable


  • Takes a long time to charge
  • Suction is very loud

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